Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What? I should actually post something?

In attempting to verify this blog to Pinterest, I noticed that it had had nine views today. My apologies for making you look at my most recent (ha!) post so many times. It's only 50-plus days old. I spent parts of some of those days thinking about how and why I had not posted. It all comes down to priorities. There is work. There is family. There are friends. There is a house. There are pets. There are lots of things that ask for or demand my attention. Last on the list are those things I do for myself, such as write or make art or try to learn some Vietnamese. These things done purely for myself get kicked to the curb when the things for others whisper and hook an index finger at me. Lately, I have spent or made much free time working on two quilts, a commission from a dear friend of long standing. I delivered those today to someone who will see that they get to the right person safe and sound. This should mean that I can get back to writing, which I love, or Vietnamese, at least some of which I would really like to learn, but no. There is another, smaller, quilting project afoot, followed by a bigger one. Yes, they are for other people who shall remain nameless. Perhaps I am my own worst enemy. I shall ponder this as I clean up my desk and prepare to start proofreading a 23-page document.

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Debi said...

I think that's a common thing--being one's worst enemy. I know I am. But I've made it a priority lately to also try to be my own best friend. And I'm finding that they really aren't as mutually exclusive as they might sound.