Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taking What I Can Get

I have recently discovered two things at which I am better than the average bear, as Yogi would say. One is wall squats, in which your back is against a wall while your legs make a right angle in front. Basically, you look like a chair against the wall, an empty chair. We recently did this in SEAL Team PT workout, and when the instructor called stop after two minutes, I was one of the few people still squatting. The other thing at which I am apparently very good is the game of hot hands. If you don't remember this, it's when two people extend both their hands. One person has their hands palm up, while the other has theirs palm down. The person whose hands are at the bottom attempts to whip a hand around and slap the other person's hand. The person whose hands are at the top attempts not to let this happen bu pulling their hands away. If they succeed, they take over on the palm-up-slapping side. We did this in karate recently, and I spent most of the time as the one doing the slapping. We rotated regularly, so I did this with most of the other students there. Older son told me later that when he rotated to work with the black belt with whom I had just "played," that black belt commented, "You mom is really good at this." Wall squats and hot hands. Not as useful as some other things in the big picture called life, but I'll take success where I can find it.

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