Saturday, May 13, 2017

Random Musings

I thought that for a lark I would play with blogging on my Amazon Fire. The small keyboard is a challenge, as would be adding photos. I think I'll save photos for another day.

Today was supposed to be somewhat special. The husband took the sons to run a 63-mile race. They took my car meaning I'm housebound which was supposed to be a good thing. I could run, pin a small quilt and perhaps even get it quilted. Then younger son told me I could use normal batting on the housewarming quit I'm making them. Great, methinks, I can get it pinned. Wham! No new packs of batting. I'll piece some leftovers together into the large piece I needed. Did that and it was not a quick process. Despite my best efforts, there were too many puckers; the vatting would not lie flat.

Okay. I'll run. I got down to the road, a half mile, and one of the subdivision dogs usually kept inside was out and his owner was not at home. This dog has never bothered me when I have Biscuit with me, but supposedly went after another subdivision dog. He came toward me in a less than friendly manner, at which point I stopped running and walked slowly by him. So much for running.

By this time, most of the day was gone. Needing to accomplish something, anything, I reverted to pinning the small quilt I'd originally planned to work on. At least that sent well, though as usual I looked at the back and thought I could/should have gotten it pristenely flat which I had not. I've set it aside and will decide tomorrow whether to leave it be or re-do it.

News here has been covering a Central Virginian who's been diagnosed with rabies. The person got bit by a dog in India six weeks ago and did nothing about it. If you've known me once 2009, then you know that I know something about this, having been bitten by a dog in Cambodia. It's too late, obviously, but I want to shake this person and yell at them about seeking treatment. You do not gamble with something that essentially has no treatment. I can't stop thinking how this could have been prevented, how easily it could have been prevented.

Experiment done. It would take practice, but I could do this. The day, while not being totally redeemed, has gotten better. Insert smile emoji here.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Lots of Little

The joy of travel ... lots of little things to do on the way to ones departure, some more important than others. Drugs of various forms were important. In my case, that meant a tetanus booster, typhoid, yellow fever, and malarone (an anti-malarial) and a general antibiotic that I hope not to need. For the husband, it was the same along with flu and pneumonia, two vaccines I already had. The yellow fever was the dicey one. There's a shortage, and by mid-summer, the vaccine may no longer be available in the US. The tour company we're using doesn't require travelers to get any vaccinations, but we're going with what the CDC.

Our burner computer presents another little thing. I'm doing this post because I had to make sure I could get to the "new post" option. It seems that I dhad id not write down or otherwise note what my password was for Blogger. Fingers crossed that as long as I logged into Gmail I could get one Blogger. As we say at the 6:00 am workout, hooyah! It worked.

I still need to assemble all the camera gear--extra batteries chargers, memory cards--and figure out what is going in my carry-on and what the husband is carrying. Our carry-on bags will, I expect, be heavier than the ones we check. I pulled out almost all of the clothes I plan to take as well as the accessories that will go in my checked bag, and I expect my checked bag will weigh not much more than 12 pounds. When we get to the rainforest visit at the end of the tour, there is a luggage weight limit of 35 pounds for the boat trip up the Amazon. I do not expect we will have trouble with that and, should we, there is a secure place at which the overweight stuff will be kept until we come back downriver.

Since older son is our house and Biscuit sitter, I will not need to write down all the info I would leave a non-familial house sitter. Still, there's emergency contacts, Biscuit's medication schedule, and plant-watering to cover, and likely more when I start into it.

There are more items, but the above are enough for me to test out Blogger on the burner, which has been named Hiram in honor of Hiram Bingham. I'm going to trust that adding photos will present no unexpected difficulties.