Saturday, April 19, 2014

To Blog Here or There

In less than a month, the husband and I will be setting off to spend almost three weeks in Australia, revisiting some of the people and places we went in 2012 while adding a few new adventures, some more off-the-wall than others. It appears that we will have free Internet at most of the places we will stay (the two overnights on a train excepted), I should be able to post some photos and narratives as a blog since not everyone who will be interested in our adventures is on Facebook. When we visited Iceland for our 25th wedding anniversary, I did a trip mini-blog as part of this blog. When we have taken longer trips including living in Hue, Vietnam for a month, I have used stand-alone blogs, here for the 2009 trip and here for the second one. (Those links will actually take you to the last post in each blog, but if you got that far you probably know how to get back to the beginning.)

The 64 cent question today is how I should handle the upcoming trip, somewhat longer than the Iceland adventure but quite shorter than the Vietnam ones. Where does the middle ground put me? By posting this, I'm allowing the few people who still read this now-very-irregular blog to comment on their preference. As I proceed down a pre-trip checklist of items such as notify the credit and debit card companies of our travel plans, I need to get the question of where to blog decided. If I'm going to do a stand-alone blog, I need to get it set up and maybe even add a post or two about the getting ready of it all.

But for now, I need to get started on dinner, the husband's having just awakened from a nap to ask me what time it is. Comment away!


Debi said...

My two cents is wasted--it really doesn't matter to me where, just so you let us know. I'll follow you anywhere, my dear. :D Maybe you should just set up an all-inclusive travel blog where you post about all your travels, big and small. Or not. I'm easy to please. Well, about some things anyway. Okay, I know--just do whatever's easiest for you. Yep, that sounds good.

Jayne said...

Do whatever works best for you, including being totally present to your journey and not posting anything for anyone. Whatever you do will be great! Love you.