Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beanie Baby Mutations, Part II

Start with Spinner the spider and Congo the gorilla. Do a bit of dismemberment (no spiders were harmed in this process) and experiment a bit with pins and poses. Rearrange things a bit and sew with invisible thread. The result? SpiderMonkey! I still don't know if SpiderMonkey will go out on his own or stay around to see what evolves in Beanie Baby Mutations, Part III. I mean, I have to get the library floor cleaned up somehow.


Terri said...

Love it!!!

Caroline M said...

Four down, several hundred to go.

Debi said...

These are just so incredibly awesome, Jean!!! The whole gang thinks so. In fact, I'm pretty sure you reached the status of "god" in the boys' eyes. :D