Monday, February 22, 2010

Aurora Borealis FTW!

The camera is still in a plastic bag, warming safely, the better to protect some (in my humble opinion considering it was the first time either Blaine or I had ever tried anything like this) pretty darn good photos of the aurora, including one or two shot directly up, over our heads. I must say that 25th anniversaries don't get much better than this. I had actually started a post on what we did today when the hotel desk called us to say that the aurora was starting much earlier than usual, at a bit after 9:00. We rushed out, losing what I'd drafted in the rush. No worries, though, since this trumps that. We will likely go watch it some more in a bit, when we have warmed up, but I expect we will just watch and enjoy the show then. Doing the photos (out in the field of pseudocraters I have yet to blog about) was pretty numbing in the cold department. I'm ready to avail myself of the hotel's heated cabin from which you can watch the aurora.

Okay, it's approaching midnight, and it appears we caught the aurora at its peak for tonight. Here's a shot that Blaine and I judged among the best.