Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Good Things ...

Yes, all good things must come to an end, and the end to this trip is tomorrow. This post will have no photos because it was late when we got back to the hotel last night, and the husband had a guest column to finish up for The Cavalier Daily, and so yesterday's photos are still on the camera.

We actually could not have timed yesterday's activities better if we had tried. We rode Icelandic horses through a lava field in the afternoon, finishing just before it started to snow. Icelandic horses do greatly resemble Shetland ponies, but they take offense should you call them "ponies." They, like Icelandic sheep, are basically very, very purely bred. No outside horses or sheep have been allowed onto the island for a thousand or so years, meaning that the bloodlines are pure. In the case of the sheep, that is said to be the reason the wool is such high quality.

The ride through the lava field was quite nice. Icelandic horses are really gentle to ride. The snow started as we took the bus from the stable to the second part of the day's activities, a visit to the Blue Lagoon. This came highly recommended by several people. One of those people had enjoyed the Lagoon during the month of June. While I am sure that it is very nice then, I would be glad to argue that the way to experience the Blue Lagoon is as the snow falls. There is something quite special about floating on one's back in water that is 37 to 40 degrees Celsius and feeling snowflakes fall on your face. I'm not sure it gets much better than that, especially after two hours on a horse for a rear end not used to such activity.

The snow continues to fall this morning, reminding us of the Virginia we left behind a week ago. Today we are off to shop a bit including to look for a CD that Jimmy was playing done by a wonderful singer from the Faroe Islands. We also have some prezzies in mind for certain people. We also plan to visit the 871 +/- 2 exhibit on life in early Reykjavik. The 871 +/- 2 comes from the dating of the materials discovered at the site. Tonight, we will be eating at a restaurant participating in the annual Food and Fun Festival. Chefs from around the world come here to cook meals using only pure Icelandic foods; what they produce is sold at a fixed price (a very good fixed price) at restaurants around town. At the end of the festival, this weekend, they will have a cookoff and declare a winning chef. We won't be here for that, but at least we will partake of some of the bounty.

After we clear up all that has likely accumulated at home during our absence, I will try to post a few more photos of the lava field ride, the Blue Lagoon, and whatever adventures might befall us today, in the snow. You'd almost believe we were in Iceland today.


Debi said...

Wow...your trip seemed to go so fast. But you packed so many amazing things in. It all sounds positively heavenly. I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Travel safe.

Rich said...

Iceland is not the winter vacation location that immediately comes to mind, but it sounds like it should be. Hope you get home quickly and don't get bogged down at JFK with all of the backup from the latest "blizzard" of 010. Can't wait so see more pictures!