Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing and Resolving in the New Year

Last year about this time, I put up a post about my resolutions for 2009, which suggests that I should do the same for 2010, that is, reflect on how I did with my resolutions for the year just ended and what I'd like to accomplish in the year to come. I concluded last year's post with the comment, "I can't help but think that 2009 is gonna be one heck of a ride." If you followed along on 2009's Grand Adventure, then you know that it was one heck of a ride. Even without the whole trip thing, it would have been a good year; that just made it better.

Does that mean I achieved the resolutions I made for the year? Not really. I did better with some than with others, which is about par for the course when it comes to me and my resolutions. I didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose and actually gained a wee bit more. Yep, I just carried that one over to the 2010 list. I did exercise more than the number of times I resolved to, but then that's not really hard. Still, I left it on the 2010 list just to be safe. I wanted to make it through tumble falls in Myo Sim karate in 2009, and I almost did. I'm still wrestling with vertigo on tumble falls. Some days I think I'll be able to overcome it; other days I ponder being a terminal yellow belt. I decided not to resolve anything in terms of karate; I'll just see what I might accomplish. In Myo Sim kendo, I resolved to work toward my black belt, not really thinking I could realistically get it after being gone for two months. Black belt earned, I'm resolving to learn the material for second degree black belt in 2010. That's by no means a resolution to earn my second degree black belt, just to learn the material I need for it so that I can practice, practice, practice.

I also resolved to blog more regularly in 2009. While I certainly accomplished this during our trip, I failed, though perhaps not epically, during the rest of the year, particularly the last couple of months. For 2010, I decided to resolve more globally and simply "to create more." This covers my penchant for fiber as well as for words. Also on the writing front, I resolved to start a karate notebook and better organize my kendo notes in 2009. I did this, but barely. Perhaps because I'm at a fairly low level in the karate rank hierarchy, I find it difficult to write down how to do things. For 2010, I kept the bit about improving my kendo notes and dropped mention of karate ones. I also resolved to finish in 2009 more of my 50 things to do in or for my 50th year of life. I succeeded, with a few substitutions that I need to add to the 50 blog. For example, I wanted to see the sun rise over a beach again, but am willing to take the sun rising over Angkor Wat as a very worthy proxy. For 2010, I resolved to finish the list. I figure that five years should be sufficient for completing 50 things; when I do my list of 60 for my 60th year, I'll give myself six years in which to complete them.

Finally for 2009, I resolved to "go with the flow more." Whether I really accomplished this is probably open to debate. I think I did really go with the flow more while we were on our trip. Of course, when one is removed from much of their day-to-day responsibilities and, yes, headaches, it's easier to be mellow and take things as they come. I will admit to screaming, crying, and basically losing it when the pack of dogs was running around my legs in Siem Reap and I felt the teeth on the back of my leg, but then pretty much coped with what needed to be done. For 2010, I actually didn't put anything somewhat touchy-feely as this 2009 one was. I'm not sure why I didn't include one; maybe I feel that if I succeed on the "create more" one, I'll have the emotional energy to deal with whatever life might throw my way. I guess we'll see.

Will 2010 be the heck of a ride 2009 was? Probably not in the same way, but I have an idea it won't be too bad. More on that in another post, though, since some of those day-to-day responsibilities are calling, in particular the one about making dinner for the main men in my life and the mother (mine) who lives downstairs. And we're off!

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Debi said...

I can say without reserve that I think few had as awesome a year as you did in 2009! The trip, the black belt, the just plain enjoying life. Even if 2010 brings no enormous, spectacular "wow" events like 2009, you'll be far ahead of the curve because I know that you'll still be enjoying life!

you = role model for living