Friday, July 18, 2008

Announcing ... The Fifty (a new blog)

One of my summer goals was to make progress on what I referred to as "The Fifty," a list of 50 things I made to try to do in my 50th year of life. I didn't make it and, having just turned 52, am still working on it. I've listed all 50 things in the new blog, noting which ones I've completed. As I can, I'll add details, pictures where I can, and other fun stuff. World, you owe this one to Debi, who very politely guilted me into putting this up. I've thought about doing this as a blog for some time, but Debi pushed me over the edge. As I said, I'll update it as I can. Enjoy!


Debi said...

Oh no you don' blaming this on was YOU who led me down this road, remember?!!

Call me an idiot (on second thought, don't actually call me one, but feel free to think it)...but where is your new blog? I couldn't find a link.

Never mind, I just realized I could just go to your profile to find it. Okay, feel free to verbalize that "idiot" remark after all.

Jean said...

Debi, I just added a link in the body of the post. Sorry. :-)