Saturday, May 13, 2017

Random Musings

I thought that for a lark I would play with blogging on my Amazon Fire. The small keyboard is a challenge, as would be adding photos. I think I'll save photos for another day.

Today was supposed to be somewhat special. The husband took the sons to run a 63-mile race. They took my car meaning I'm housebound which was supposed to be a good thing. I could run, pin a small quilt and perhaps even get it quilted. Then younger son told me I could use normal batting on the housewarming quit I'm making them. Great, methinks, I can get it pinned. Wham! No new packs of batting. I'll piece some leftovers together into the large piece I needed. Did that and it was not a quick process. Despite my best efforts, there were too many puckers; the vatting would not lie flat.

Okay. I'll run. I got down to the road, a half mile, and one of the subdivision dogs usually kept inside was out and his owner was not at home. This dog has never bothered me when I have Biscuit with me, but supposedly went after another subdivision dog. He came toward me in a less than friendly manner, at which point I stopped running and walked slowly by him. So much for running.

By this time, most of the day was gone. Needing to accomplish something, anything, I reverted to pinning the small quilt I'd originally planned to work on. At least that sent well, though as usual I looked at the back and thought I could/should have gotten it pristenely flat which I had not. I've set it aside and will decide tomorrow whether to leave it be or re-do it.

News here has been covering a Central Virginian who's been diagnosed with rabies. The person got bit by a dog in India six weeks ago and did nothing about it. If you've known me once 2009, then you know that I know something about this, having been bitten by a dog in Cambodia. It's too late, obviously, but I want to shake this person and yell at them about seeking treatment. You do not gamble with something that essentially has no treatment. I can't stop thinking how this could have been prevented, how easily it could have been prevented.

Experiment done. It would take practice, but I could do this. The day, while not being totally redeemed, has gotten better. Insert smile emoji here.

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