Monday, June 1, 2015

If I Were a Business, I Might Celebrate ...

the fact that in a month I will begin my 60th year of life. I marked the 50th year by compiling a list of 50 things to do to commemorate the year. I did manage to do most of them; it just took me a decade. (I really should update that list to note the last couple I've managed to complete.) I need to be realistic here and accept that 60 things is a bunch too many to tackle. I want this to be fun, not something I feel that I have to, must, accomplish. I don't want it to become an obligation.

Having spent some time this past spring purging and re-packing my studio, work space, call-it-what-you-will room, I am thinking that a list of 12 things, one for each month, is much more do-able. It also means that I could commit (as much as I commit to anything) to working my way through all 12 before I say hello to age 60 13 months from now. I'm even open to having other-than-creative things on the list. Charlottesville Ten Miler, anyone?

Specific ideas? I discovered while re-orging that I have more wine labels and corks/stoppers than I thought. I also still have a large batch of papers collected on trips to Europe, Asia, and Australia. I have a box of things--spoons, eyeglass frames, bottle caps--collected on those same trips. I found my supply of sun-printing stuff. Somewhere in our garage is a someone-else's-garage-sale table loom I've never set up. Heck! I'm even open to obtaining any needed supplies and trying something completely new. If I'm going to do this, I just want to have the list of 12 developed by June 30.