Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Challenges?

I was registered to do a back-to-back GORUCK Challenge and Light in July, hoping to accomplish what I could not in March. Between imminent hypothermia (why I withdrew from the March Challenge) and my mother's condo flooding (why I did not show up for the March Light), my most recent GORUCK experience wasn't really a good one. The May events I'd registered for turned out to be while I would be in Australia, so I moved the registrations to July events. As it turned out, they cancelled the May Challenge though the Light was still held. Today they cancelled both July events. There are still September events on the schedule, but it's not clear those will remain on the schedule for long.

Because I wanted to be successful at doing a Challenge/Light in July and because I just returned from three weeks with no real exercise but walking, I asked the sons to come up with training programs for me. Older son's was short and to the point: carry heavy shit. Younger son's was quite detailed, with some things to be done once weekly; others, three time weekly; and so on. I started two days ago with a four-mile run shortly after I'd finished the hour-long SEAL Team PT workout. I was hurting by the end--it was hot out there!--but I did it. Today I rucked 5.5 miles with a 35-pound pack. The last 1.5 mile lap was a killer, but I actually felt very positive about it, knowing that it was making me stronger.

So this afternoon they cancelled both events. Usually, they don't give refunds; they let you switch your registration to another event. This time, they said we could move the registrations or get a refund or store credit. This is what makes me think that the September events currently on the schedule may not be there for long. Given how much GORUCK gear I already have, I'll probably go for a refund. If the (gun) range gear they're launching in the fall looks decent, I can get some of that with the refund.

This may mean that it is time to concentrate more effort on running given that I am apparently running a half marathon next May. My plan had been to focus on the Challenge/Light until they were held and then switch to running. I'm pretty sure if I don't switch the GORUCK registration now, I won't ever try another event. I had thought that after July, I might only do Lights, not Challenges. That doesn't appeal so much any longer.

Enough thinking out loud. I am not sure why I am in a particularly reflective mood today and see this as something worth special attention. Perhaps it is my approaching birthday. Regular readers of this blog know that I always devote time to reflection then; maybe I'm just starting that early this year.

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Va said...

You, are "The Thinking, Active Woman" - not just the actively thinking woman.

Keeping track of you and your thoughts is a stimulating and wondrous exercise for all of us.

Whatever your decision(s), I look forward to reading/hearing about them!