Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On the Road ... Well, In the Air Again

A week from now, the husband and I will be in transit in the Atlanta airport, awaiting flights to Los Angeles and then on to Sydney, Australia. I have decided to put whatever trip blogging I do here rather than set up a stand-alone blog. It's one thing to do that when we're actually living somewhere for a month or more, but this is travel rather than residence.

One friend suggested that I not blog the trip but simply enjoy it. I could easily do that, but the blog posts function as my trip journal. I could write the narrative down in a paper journal or type it into a word-processed document that only I see. Blogging it saves me from feeling as if I am repeating myself when people ask how the trip is or was. It also means that I don't unnecessarily bore people. If someone wants to read the words and see the photos, they can. If they don't, they don't have to.

In terms of those photos, I am making this something of a point-and-shoot trip in that I am not taking my Canon 60D DSLR. Instead, I'm taking the Canon Powershot SX50 I got because I was intrigued by the 50x optical zoom. It's not a SLR, and can't be set manually, but it will do. Much as I like it in terms of shooting manually, the 60D is large and heavy, and I do get tired of carrying it at times. I'm also taking the pocket-sized Pentax that was the husband's camera or my backup camera in Vietnam and Australia two years ago. I am not really looking to shoot masterpieces or prize-winners. I really just  want decent images that will stoke the firing of some memory cells.

The current trip business is figuring out what to take clothes-wise. The evenings will be cool given that it is late autumn there; nights may be cold. Given that we are doing the "gold service" on the train, I should probably plan to dress a bit above t-shirts there at least when it comes to the dining car. I always feel inept when travelling especially when travelling internationally. Everyone else looks to me to be so put-together, confident, and comfortable, as if they just stepped off a travel magazine page. I usually feel like someone tagging along, disguised as best I can to look like all those other people.

I am also trying not to get too nervous over things left here. I should not miss any work since both projects I'm working on will be done by when we leave. Older son can work out the kinks of the pets and his work schedule not to mention the overnight GORUCK Challenge he and younger son are doing. Yes, s**t may happen, but that's what trip insurance is for, eh? And now I should get back to some proofreading so that those work projects I mentioned might even get submitted this week.

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Debi said...

Oh my gosh, time has flown by so quickly--I can't believe you're leaving so soon! Yes, there is a small tweak of envy. :) But the vast majority of my feelings fall squarely in the elation category--SO HAPPY that you're soon to be having another adventure, and also selfishly happy that you'll be sharing, at least occasionally, with us!!! Do have a marvelous, exciting, relaxing, adventurous, fulfilling time, dear lady!!!