Sunday, May 18, 2014

Christmas, Asbestos, Marmite and More

Going from Sydney to Perth to, now, Northam, and we may now be approaching being on local time. The husband crashed a wee bit earlier than I did last night and got a good 12 hours of sleep. I probably got 11. Today has pretty much felt like a normal day save for the view from a passenger seat on what should be the driver's side of the car.

We went for a drive around the area today, stopping for lunch in Toodyay. Several of the shops have changed owner and/or theme since we were there in 2012. One new shop is the Christmas shop. The backstory here is a local doctor who passed away. He and his partner had always dreamed of opening a Christmas shop, so upon the doctor's death, his partner opened one as a memorial. There were a few non-Christmas items, though perhaps they could be purchased as Christmas gifts.

There were decorated Christmas trees galore, though some reminded me more of Mardi Gras than Christmas.

We also stopped for some landscape and bird watching.

We also explored an old refractory site though not too closely because of the abundance of asbestos lying around.

Our final stop was at a grocery store to obtain some items a friend asked me to try to obtain for him.

If anyone else wants some Aussie items that aren't too expensive and are legal for me to bring back into the States, I'll be here for a couple more weeks.

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Caroline M said...

Our Marmite is different to that Marmite, it's strange that there could be a market for one, never mind two.