Friday, January 11, 2013

A Postscript to the Last Post

I registered for the GoRuck Challenge because the sons encouraged me to. I told them that I hoped I wouldn't embarrass them. Younger son offered that the only way I would embarrass them would be to break down in tears during the first 10 minutes. I assured him that wouldn't happen. I treasure that my sons have welcomed me into parts of their worlds. Before I started doing Myo Sim kendo seven years ago, I asked them if my trying it would embarrass them. They assured me it would not and have encouraged me and practiced with me. Without their support, I would not have earned the black belt I now have. Older son now similarly encourages me in Myo Sim karate. I don't expect that I will ever have a black belt in that, but that's okay.

This morning's Seal Team workout was particularly tough. If earlier days this week were abs day, legs day, or arms day, today was kick-your-whole-body day. On the first set of routines, the one from which I emerged alone after everyone else, older son was one of the last to finish. He said that as he and his buddy left the field he noticed that there were three people still working, one of them me. I had not realized that today was that hard on him, too. At the finish, after we as members of the new class had been carried back to the parking lot by other team members, he offered me a rousing high five in recognition that we had both made it through the hour. As we got into the car, he told me that I would finish the GoRuck Challenge in May even if he and his brother had to carry me at the end, unless of course other team members were carrying them. I treasure that my sons have such faith in me.

That karate black belt I'll probably never earn? I'll probably never win the Mother of the Year award either, but that's okay, too. I think I'm doing pretty okay without it.

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Debi said...

Oh, I don't know about that...I don't think that Mother of the Year is all that out of reach for you, dear lady. Not far out of reach at all.