Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

It's been a while, eh? That's what happens when life intervenes. Three weeks ago, I was plugging along, working a bit, creating a bit, planning a post or two for this blog and another one. (I just finally finished and put up the post for that other one.) Life was good. Then I was told that I'd be testing for my second degree black belt in Myo Sim kendo on February 26, which was yesterday. To be honest. this had been a possibility on and off for quite a while. The "off" this last time around just seemed to be more permanent than the others had been. With only three weeks, I needed extra practice. To add daily kendo practice above and beyond the regularly scheduled classes and workouts meant a few things had to give. I stopped work on a quilt I hoped to give as a gift last night, at the party following the black belt test. I stopped working on blog posts.

Now, the test is over. I did earn promotion to second degree; there's definitely a blog post in that story. Younger son earned third degree in kendo. In a surprise move, older son was awarded a second degree black belt in Myo Sim karate. He was told he was demonstrating material, but actually he was being evaluated on it. I did present one quilt at the post-test party last night; that's another blog post to be. There's also the blog post I've been incubating all along, about my Cabana Boy. Do not adjust your monitor. We will shortly resume our regularly scheduled blogging.