Thursday, May 28, 2009

Forgotten, But Not Gone

One of the good things about decluttering is what you might find along the way. Yesterday, I found a 3 x 5 inch top-bound spiral notebook into which I jotted observations during one of our family trips to visit the husband's mother when she lived in inland British Columbia, in a town called Kamloops. On this particular trip, which took place in late June and early July 1999, we flex into Seattle then drove to Kamloops, visiting Vancouver along the way. Here, without editing, are those observations.

Elderly man - grizzled - homeless? - sitting in a McDonalds with a no-loitering, 30-minute limit to stay while you eat - doing elaborate counted cross-stitch.

Spider monkeys are the devil's work! (This appears to be in the handwriting of older son.)

Sign in downtown Seattle: 100s of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones.

Some adults need to be sentenced to play. They say they play, but their play usually has an end in mind - something done on a computer, a game won. We need adult-sized McDonalds ball pits and play structures in which adults can be sentenced to spend time - to have fun for the sake of having it.

Wash the Works (Smithers, BC): combination car, truck, RV wash; laundromat; and public showers.

From the Interior News, a weekly paper in Smithers, BC. Under a wedding portrait: Gino & Val Mangone and Randy & Mickey Brandvold would like to announce the marriage of their children Trish Mangone and Trent Brandvold May 1, 1999 in Fornie, BC. On Sunday, July 11 at 2 pm we will be having a bar-be-que and ball game for friends and family at Bev & Don Lubbers. Come and meet Trish. Please bring your lawn chairs, ball gloves, and beverages. RSVP to 847-3393 or 847-3943.

Paraphrase of headline in a Western Canada farm paper: The Gophinator Meets the SPCA.

The Full Vancouver: skiing/snowboarding, etc. and golf, tennis, etc. in the same day. Done on Canada Day 1999 - 6 meter base at Cypress Mtn. ski resort north of Vancouver. (I should make it clear here that I did not personally do the Full Vancouver; I only read about it in the paper.)

The shorter the missed putt, the longer the obscenity. Newspaper ad on side of a bus in Seattle.

The Path to Totality

Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

Please don't take that last one personally. I really wish I'd written down where I saw that or what prompted it, but I didn't. At least I recorded it for rediscovery almost ten years later. Indoor archaeology at its best!

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