Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Me? A Blog Award!

While I was away for two months and not blogging here, this blog was the recipient of a "One Lovely Blog" award from Sherrie at Just Books. According to the award guidelines Sherrie posted, I'm supposed to pass this along to 15 other "newly discovered" blogs. The only problem is that I haven't really discovered 15 other blogs recently. I'm not even sure I read 15 blogs regularly. I try to read Debi's regularly. Neil Gaiman's, too. I haven't been as good as I would like about reading Annie's blog regularly. I'd like to read Kara's blog more often. For the next two weeks, the two blogs I'll be checking more than daily are the ones my younger son is keeping as he and his older brother tour Europe. One is a photographic journal of their travels; the other is a self-portrait he takes each day. This is how I know where they are or have been since they don't really have a set itinerary to follow.

It's interesting to have this blog win an award from someone I don't even know. Obviously, someone who posts a blog to the Internet should consider that anyone who happens across it might start to read it. For that reason, I try to post things that I think people other than my immediate family might be interested in. This has included book reviews, reflections on one thing or another, a tribute to my father on his last birthday (since he's got another one coming up this week, Happy Birthday, Dad! You make 80 look like the new 55!). I invited a large number of people to follow my blog of the trip. I've never really invited anyone outside my family and a few close friends to this blog, though I do have the URL posted on my Facebook page, access to which is limited to my Facebook friends. I'm flattered and a bit proud that someone thought this little corner of my world worthy of mention. So thanks, Sherrie, and I'll try to keep up the good work. There will be another book review coming, maybe even later tonight. First, though, it's back to making my mom a special Mother's Day dinner. The pie (from my good friend Mrs. Smith) is cooling on the table, the potato salad is chilling in the refrigerator, the meat loaf is cooking in the oven, and I'm about to start on the ginger candied carrots. I'm getting hungrier just seeing, smelling, and writing about it all.


kreed said...

I think I knew about that lawsuit - Rich, Debi and I talked about it at one point. The issue has been resolved at this point but I wish it hadn't happened and I felt like there was a perfect education choice!

Debi said...

Oh man, you just sent my salivary glands into overdrive! (Though I'll now have to skip the meatloaf, since I decided to join Annie in meatless living.)

Though it may not mean as much coming from family, I've known for a long time that your blog rocked! I just wish its author had more time for posting. :)