Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quickly ... Before I Start Dinner

There's a new post on Neil Gaiman's journal (a blog I highly recommend). He's reading his book that's about to come out, Blueberry Girl. I will only say two things. First, I want this book; even more, I would like to figure out how to save Neil's reading of the book. Second, if I knew someone with a young girl or pregnant with a girl, I would get them this book. It is that good. My eyes were welling up as I listened to the reading, and the art is stunning even on its own. But don't take my word for it. Go there, and see for yourself.

Once again, I am more than profoundly embarrassed that I didn't discover Neil Gaiman until this past fall's National Book Festival. I am so looking forward to savoring American Gods while in Hue ... where I will be just one week from today.


Debi said...

His blog is wonderful, isn't it? He's just brilliant in so many ways. But anyway, I can't wait to own this book...

And the fact that Charles Vess is the artist just makes it the more magical. His work is so utterly gorgeous! (He actually commented at my blog a few days ago, when I wrote about one of his books...I about fell out of my seat. But I was really excited about the news he shared!)

So, are you counting the minutes until you board the plane yet?

Jean said...


Days, yes; minutes, no. Too many things still to think about to be counting minutes. It's only now really becoming very real in that it's hard to ignore the pile of stuff waiting to be packed and the files of paperwork needing to be copied and taken with or left here. That's a job for Monday after I pick up the last set of Eurail passes from the travel agent.

I did see the comment from Charles Vess on your blog. Very, very cool.