Monday, November 24, 2008

Six Sevens

Debi tagged me for this last week, so I know she's waiting breathlessly for my lists. It came with something called the Kreativ Blogger Award, which I definitely take as a compliment.

I titled this post "Six Sevens" because, as usual, I don't really have seven people to tag in the last item. Such is the life of a relative loner. You may notice that the first three sets of seven are best read together.

7 Things I Did Before:
1. Arrived early or on time
2. Tennis
3. Sewed clothes
4. Crocheted
5. Did counted cross stitch
6. Worried about my job
7. Thought about writing a novel

7 Things I Do Now:
1. Arrive on time or late
2. Kendo
3. Sew quilts
4. Knit
5. Felt knitted things
6. Worry about my family
7. Have written three novels (I didn’t say they were good ones!)

7 Things I Want To Do:
1. Keep going
2. Earn black belt in kendo
3. Make a quilt to keep for myself
4. Design a knitted something from scratch
5. Wet felting (making fiber into felt)
6. Stop worrying so much
7. Keep writing

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:
1. Knowing how to do laundry (I met my husband in a laundromat)
2. Doing Sunday crosswords in ink (why we noticed each other)
3. Wearing interesting sweaters (he often wore a fisherman's knit sweater his mother made for him)
4. Cool, caring eyes
5. Help with the housework
6. Emotional stability (to complement my own light-switch nature)
7. Making me laugh

7 Favorite Foods:
1. Prime rib, medium rare (why I’d have trouble being a vegetarian)
2. Vegetarian #7 on Guadalajara’s current menu (mixed vegetables, black beans, rice, and flour tortillas)
3. Caramel sundaes
4. Bing cherries
5. Vanilla ice cream
6. My own homemade bread, still warm, with butter and/or honey
7. Coffee with Splenda and a bit of half & half

7 Things I Say Most Often:
1. Thank you
2. You’re welcome
3. No problem
4. Yeah, right (with the appropriate intonation)
5. Love you (or "love you, too")
6. Leave it! (this to the dog)
7. @#$%&* (a bit too often, but nobody’s perfect)

And, now, 7 people to tag for this award: Instead of tagging people, I will tell a story on myself. I took a cooking class at our local technical education center last week and found myself sitting at a table with two other women, both of whom were saving seats for friends. A woman came around checking off names against the registration list. The first woman said, "I'm (name), and this seat is for my friend (name)." The second woman said, "I'm (name), and this seat is for my friend (name)." I said, "I'm Jean Norum, and I have no friends." While that's not a totally true statement, I did enjoy seeing the looks on their faces.


Debi said...

I love that story! Really wish I could have seen those women's faces when you said it!
And you've really got me salivating over your homemade bread right now!

Janet said...

Hey, wait a minute, you do too have friends. :-)

But I did enjoy your story and could see myself saying it too in certain circumstances.