Monday, May 5, 2008

Stepping Back and Looking Forward

My post before last was the movie meme in which I provided Internet Movie Database keywords to ten movies and asked folks to try to guess them. I know of five people who played, and two of them managed to guess half the movies. Of course, one of the people who played was my sweet younger son who knows the contents of our movie collection as well as which ones I watch for a second or higher time. For the five people who did take the time to try the quiz, here are the correct answers:

(1) love, flatulence, slacker, beheading: Shaun of the Dead, a zombie movie that I had to be persuaded to watch and which was the zombie movie to hook me on zombie movies. Yeah, that's sad, isn't it?

(2) barefoot, resort, gossip, sister: Dirty Dancing, a movie I pull out when all the men are away (which is very rare). As a teenager, I was something of the "Baby" character, needing (wanting?) someone to pull me out of the corner and help me shine.

(3) stabbing, guerilla, disturbing, shower: V for Vendetta, a movie I wasn't sure I would like but that I loved. Hugo Weaving was astounding, playing the entire movie behind a mask.

(4) general, betrayal, motorcycle, strangulation: The Rock, one of my favorite Sean Connery movies and also one of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies. "Uh, sir, he's got both the guns now" cracks me up every time.

(6) licking, dancing, bestiality, bondage: Return of the Jedi, probably my favorite of the Star Wars movies. I made this one a bit difficult in that all the keywords relate to one scene. I wonder how many out there thought this was a porn reference!

Finally, I've been going back and forth about whether to post about the crafty activity that's kept me quite busy over the last few weeks. I had a friend commission some more of an item I gave her as a birthday gift several years ago. She said she'd gotten so many compliments on it over the years that she wanted ten more to give as gifts. Overachiever that I am, I made her ten and an extra twenty to give to people myself. Only problem is that some of those people do check in here from time to time, so if I post the details, I'll ruin their surprise. I'm still pondering, so you'll have to check back to see what I decide.


Debi said...

Oh good! I'm glad you've been sneaking in some (or a lot) of time for creating! I was afraid you were doing nothing but writing statistics chapters.

Would you believe that the only movie on your whole list that I've seen is The Fugitive?!! I need to get a life, don't I?

Jean said...

Debi--Have you not seen Star Wars? Forget about the three recent ones--the first three "classic" ones are the ones not to be missed. If you haven't seen those, I may need to speed up my plans to try to make it up your way and bring them with me. At least tell me you will put them on your Netflix list. And if you saw The Fugitive, how about the sequel, US Marshals? Another Tommy Lee Jones classic.

Awesome McAwesome said...

You need to add a 3 at the end of the URL for my Blogger profile, methinks, although there isn't much to be seen there.

Jean said...

Awesome--Done! Thanks for the catch. We don't want my faithful readers (yeah, I think there's more than one) to miss out on your great photo and statement of interests.

Awesome McAwesome said...

Don't forget the link to Blogging the Casbah, as well.