Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taking a Deep Breath

I am obviously still trying to get a handle on this whole blog thing. I read on one of the blogs that Debi reads regularly (I can't find it now to link to) that I should be posting something three times weekly or thereabouts. Yeah, I wish! So let me try one of Debi's tricks of quickly listing some things. Of course, as is often remarked, I am a verbal person, and very few things I express come quickly.

A couple of things I have been grateful for in the past two weeks:

That I reconnected with my cousin Rich and got to know his wife Debi and their wonderful kids, Annie, Gray, and Max. It's been more than three decades since Rich and I have actually been in the same room together, and I've never met the others, but we're hoping to remedy that before three more decades pass.

Modern medical science and doctors who don't mess around. I had a torn meniscus repaired Tuesday much less invasively than would have been the case a few years ago. My post-op instructions included to go to the gym the very next day and ride an exercise cycle (no resistance) for 30 minutes. It wasn't easy, but I did it, and have kept doing it. Today, the only thing that hurts is going down the stairs. As long as I don't move too quickly, I can walk just fine.

More modern medical science and different docs. For several months, my dad has been in treatment for multiple myeloma, something that can't be cured but can be treated. His treatments are working so far, and the docs hope to rearrange them a bit to give him a bit more energy.

Teenagers! Yes, teenagers, especially the ones I do Myo Sim kendo with, who don't treat me like the old lady I may seem to them to be. I earned my brown belt last week testing with a partner who is one-third of my age and who is off to the Air Force Academy next year. Teenagers are fun people, one of the reasons I still try help with things at the high school when I can.

My own kids, one of whom is no longer a teenager. They make me laugh more than they make me cry. They are good kids of whom I am proud. Right now, I am proud that my older son is a finalist in a local short story contest, which means his story has been or is being read by the contest judge, John Grisham. I am proud that my younger son chose as his Eagle Scout project to re-do the nature trail at the elementary school he attended, something that he will not personally benefit from (other than getting his Eagle) but that will have a positive impact on so many other kids.

My husband, who puts up with my light-bulb nature and who helps me keep it all in perspective by encouraging me, usually with a straight face, to "laugh at yourself, and make it unanimous."


Debi said...

Geez...I'm all teary-eyed after reading this post! It's so nice to count one's blessing, isn't it? And I most definitely count you among mine!

I love what you had to say about teens! I don't understand why they so often get such a bad rap. But you most definitely have raised some of the finest!

And I'm so glad to hear the knee is recovering so nicely! How long until you can get back to kendo?

Debi said...

By the way, I'm so relieved to hear your dad's still doing so well! Will you be able to visit with him once they tinker with his treatment schedule?

Jean said...


I hope to be able to visit my dad once the winter disease season is over and I might not have as many new germs to carry with me to Florida. The spring is shaping up to be kind of busy, but maybe early summer.

I sometimes wonder if I'd want to be a teenager today. Probably not given the media, the Internet, AIDS, etc. We, well, our male friends, had to worry about the draft lottery, but really it was a lot simpler then.

Having typed that, I feel so very, very old I think I'll hobble back to the recliner and my knitting. LOL!!

A. said...

:) don't think for a moment that we'll let you get away with being an "old lady," Jean.

you're a great kendo student and again, I'm really proud of you and I wish I could have been at your test. welcome to the ranks of brown!

and being a teenager in this day and age hasn't been easy. but it's created so many truly inspirational peers of mine who have experienced so much.